Stories from the Nentir Vale

Session 4 - Wednesday 7th March 2012

Laddie to the rescue!

Surrounded by Goblins, and a newly turned Wererat, things looked grim for the party. As the goblins rushed forwards bloodthristy for their (supposed) lycanthropic blood, the group heard the smashing of glass as Laddie descended from the heavens, or at least, the glass ceiling. With a new necklace of Goblin ears Laddie was prepared to help the group out of their bind.

Things didnt go exactly to plan however. Despite a nigh on perfect Burning Hands to clear and entire corridor of Goblins, Kiris Hoyt started ripping the party to shreds. Despite the best efforts – Thorn, Solace, Laddie and Gottfreid were all knocked unconscious by the terrifying Wererat. Things didnt look good for Korinn as he backed away from the Wererat.

But wait, Gottfreid was not unconscious, just pretending. Although close to death himself, Gottfreid was able to put the Wererat to sleep. Korinn delivered the killing blow against the helpless lycanthrope.

Beaten, bloodied and almost bowed the party made their way to the final location suggested by Treona, the ruins of the Kiris Estate. Solace located a secret way into the servants chambers as the approach to the main estate was completely open. After dispatching a massive Orc who interrupted their studies of an old magic portal, the party made their way to the kitchens.

Laddie ascended in the dumbwaiter and was force to hide from a massive beast that was roaming the building. Hidden behind an old dressing screen in a ruined dining room, Laddie awaits the rest of his companions.



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