Stories from the Nentir Vale

Session 3 - Wednesday 29th February 2012

Solace's first near death experience

Laddie stealthed away into the city. Presumably. No-one saw him go. Maybe it wasnt that difficult after all.

Party made their way to the Houses of Revelry but found a lone Kobold with some metallic dogs. The party was interested in the wand that they Kobold had just found and had used to destroy a metallic hound. The party qwent after her but was delayed by her protector long enough for the Kobold to douse Solace in Ankheg pheremones. The Ankheg arrived only moments later.

The Kobold escaped, bleeding badly into the slums of the city with the wand in tow. Solace was violated several times by the Ankheg but the teamwork of the group stopped the beast eating Solace completely! It died with the sweet sweet taste of Tiefling fresh in its taste glands as it was cast down.

The party went into a heavily damaged shrine to Kord to see that it had been turned into a holy place of Gruumsh! Thorn rebuilt the destroyed idol of Kord and reconsecrated the shrine.

Heading into the temple of Avandra the party met a haggard human survivor of the towns destruction! Gottfreid got the man to reveal that he was Kiris Hoyt, a brother to Kiris Alkirk. He was left here when the town was evacuated, because he had ‘disgraced the family’.

Just as the group was going to find out more, Goblins burst into the shrine lead by a Goblin waving a silver sword and screeching “KILL THE RATMANS!”. The pressure was too much for Kiris Hoyt as his body started to turn into the wretched form of a Wererat!



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