Stories from the Nentir Vale

Session 4 - Wednesday 7th March 2012
Laddie to the rescue!

Surrounded by Goblins, and a newly turned Wererat, things looked grim for the party. As the goblins rushed forwards bloodthristy for their (supposed) lycanthropic blood, the group heard the smashing of glass as Laddie descended from the heavens, or at least, the glass ceiling. With a new necklace of Goblin ears Laddie was prepared to help the group out of their bind.

Things didnt go exactly to plan however. Despite a nigh on perfect Burning Hands to clear and entire corridor of Goblins, Kiris Hoyt started ripping the party to shreds. Despite the best efforts – Thorn, Solace, Laddie and Gottfreid were all knocked unconscious by the terrifying Wererat. Things didnt look good for Korinn as he backed away from the Wererat.

But wait, Gottfreid was not unconscious, just pretending. Although close to death himself, Gottfreid was able to put the Wererat to sleep. Korinn delivered the killing blow against the helpless lycanthrope.

Beaten, bloodied and almost bowed the party made their way to the final location suggested by Treona, the ruins of the Kiris Estate. Solace located a secret way into the servants chambers as the approach to the main estate was completely open. After dispatching a massive Orc who interrupted their studies of an old magic portal, the party made their way to the kitchens.

Laddie ascended in the dumbwaiter and was force to hide from a massive beast that was roaming the building. Hidden behind an old dressing screen in a ruined dining room, Laddie awaits the rest of his companions.

Session 3 - Wednesday 29th February 2012
Solace's first near death experience

Laddie stealthed away into the city. Presumably. No-one saw him go. Maybe it wasnt that difficult after all.

Party made their way to the Houses of Revelry but found a lone Kobold with some metallic dogs. The party was interested in the wand that they Kobold had just found and had used to destroy a metallic hound. The party qwent after her but was delayed by her protector long enough for the Kobold to douse Solace in Ankheg pheremones. The Ankheg arrived only moments later.

The Kobold escaped, bleeding badly into the slums of the city with the wand in tow. Solace was violated several times by the Ankheg but the teamwork of the group stopped the beast eating Solace completely! It died with the sweet sweet taste of Tiefling fresh in its taste glands as it was cast down.

The party went into a heavily damaged shrine to Kord to see that it had been turned into a holy place of Gruumsh! Thorn rebuilt the destroyed idol of Kord and reconsecrated the shrine.

Heading into the temple of Avandra the party met a haggard human survivor of the towns destruction! Gottfreid got the man to reveal that he was Kiris Hoyt, a brother to Kiris Alkirk. He was left here when the town was evacuated, because he had ‘disgraced the family’.

Just as the group was going to find out more, Goblins burst into the shrine lead by a Goblin waving a silver sword and screeching “KILL THE RATMANS!”. The pressure was too much for Kiris Hoyt as his body started to turn into the wretched form of a Wererat!

Session 2 - Wednesday 22nd February 2012
Entering Kiris Dahn


The party was welcomed into Treona’s tower where she promised them some answers. She introduced them to a regal looking man in his 40’s, Kiris Alkirk. Treona explained that she and Alkirk came from the town of Kiris Dahn, a place destroyed by Goblins 8 years previously.

She had chosen the party due to their knowledge of the Architects of Victory (in a book that Gottfried had read), and that here scrying had suggested that they might be suitable for a task she has. She explained that the Architects of Victory had struck a bargain with the town of Kiris Dahn over a hundred years ago. In exchange for an unknown price, the Architects provided the town with a number of Slaying Stones. These powerful artifacts could be used to defend the town from threats.

The town used these stones to protect them from the Clan Bloodspear invasions 100 years ago. The town emerged unscathed, but did nothing to help anyone else in the vale either. This lead to the town being shunned by the other communities in the vale.

Eight years ago the last stone was used in a botched coup attempt, an the town was defenseless against a goblin force that sacked the town.

Treona has just discovered that instead of eight stones, there might be a ninth somewhere still in the town. She is eager for the party to collect the stone if it exists and bring it to her so it can be destroyed. To help them find it, she has given the party three ritual scrolls to use in locating the stone. Treona suspects that the stone will either be in the Library, the Houses of Revelry or the ruins of the Kiris estate. She has also asked Gottfreid to return some of her books if he comes across them.

The party headed out early in the morning to enter the Goblin controlled town and search for the stone.

After narrowly avoiding a Goblin patrol on the banks of the river (and some frenzied splashing by Korinn) the group tried to navigate their way to the library through the slum district.

Entering one of the slum buildings, the party was met by a group of Kobolds. Korinn’s diplomatic efforts were negated utterly by a charging Thorn! The Kobold’s dispatched, the part came to the Library.

To Gottfreid’s dismay, a Goblin mage had taken up residence in the tower and was systematically working his way through every magical tome in the place, destroying them as he went! This could not stand and he was slain via cold damage, burning hands and a flying Goliath!

After casting the ritual to confirm that the stone was not in the library, the party found evidence that a large Brass dragon had been in the library itself.

Where will the party head next, the Kiris estate? The Houses of Revelry? Or do they have another plan entirely?

Session 1 - Wednesday 15th February 2012
Travel to Treona

Gottfreid is reading a book in a bar with the rest of his friends, when he reads about an ancient Tiefling group called the Architects of Victory. Realising he had just triggered some kind of spell, the door to the bar flew open and a storm blew a letter addressed to him on to their table.

Inside, the letter told him that he was needed for a great task and would be rewarded with knowledge and coin! The letter had a map to the south-western corner of the Nentir Vale, a dangerous valley to the north. The letter was signed by an unknown name, Treona.

The party took travel in a boat with Captain Cedric, on the ’Bishop’s Nose’. They travelled north through the Witchlight Fens, and saw some mysterious creatures in the mists who did not get close enough to attack.

On the way to Fallcrest the party discovered a destroyed boat, along with some victims that had a brand over their eye that had burned the eyeball out.

In Fallcrest, Thorn won some money at a mushroom eating contest and Solace was warned about Halfling thieves in the town. Gottfreid found out that the only things of note near the tower on his map were the Ogrefist Hills (full of monsters) and the ruins of Kiris Dahn (destroyed 8 years ago by goblins).

On the way to Treona’s tower the party found some tracks that Thorn recognised as about a dozen Orcs. The rain washed the tracks away shortly after finding them to make pursuit impossible.

Shortly before finding the tower the party was set upon by Wolves. A brief but violent fight ensued that almost lead to the bloody and unconscious Laddie being dragged off into the undergrowth.


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